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1. Study the mindset of people from different demographic areas

Every city has a unique history with unique people. History shapes the lifestyle as well as the mindset of the people. In Pune, people’s buying behaviour changes as per the area. In the main city area, people prefer more pocket-friendly products whereas if we observe just outside areas like Kalyani Nagar, Camp, Baner, and Aundh people prefer more branded and expensive things.

So studying a buyer perspective is the primary task when you think of designing a strategy for digital marketing. When going for Facebook ads you can precisely define the behavior of your buyer so proper previous study helps you in getting more quality leads.

2. Use of regional language

Everyone loves content in their mother tongue. Creative use of regional language will help you in attracting people more easily. It also helps you in creating more consumer-friendly content.

If we talk particularly about Pune, Marathi comes with a priority and after Marathi Hindi & English are the preferred languages. As far as a digital marketing strategy is concerned, it becomes easy for a viewer to understand your ad’s meaning in a short duration.

3. Build your audience using customized content design

Content marketing is the future of digital marketing. So it is very important to create content that will be highly customized as per the consumer. Whenever we deliver quality content, we also help our brand build a high brand image in the visitor’s mind.

The content must be informative as well as entertaining. Because everyone wants information but he wants it in a more easy and entertaining way. 

“Customized Content Designing” gives a personal feel to the audience, which ultimately helps in more CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

4. Use local influencers

In most of the traditional marketing campaigns, big brands use international models for branding. But when it comes to small businesses, it is possible to use International models? No.

In such cases, they can consider using local influencers as their brand ambassadors. Local influencers are not only famous in a particular area but they are also more connected with people. People can relate to themselves more easily.

Marathi celebrities can be the best influencers.

5. Use SEO keywords for more precise reach

SEO keywords play a vital role in getting more organic (Free) visitors to our page. Instagram allows us to use those keywords in our posts, captions and hashtags.

While selecting keywords, do proper research. In research, look for the density & popularity of the keyword and prepare a proper mix of popular as well as less searched keywords.

This helps you get more reach without staying too far away from the competition.